Progress Services

How We Help You Achieve Your Objectives

We help you use branded meetings, retreats and collaborations

  • Bring people with different perspectives together who don’t normally meet in the same room, to work across the same table to find common ground
  • Enable people who work closely together and maybe think too much alike to “see” beyond their shared perspectives to embrace new opportunities, strategies and tactics

We customize Compelling Meetings for your needs, situations and cultures

  • Non-profits, including associations and societies
  • Mid-size businesses
  • Professional services
  • Communities
  • Schools and universities
  • Local governments

Hands-on research, public relations and public affairs strategy and campaign support

  • Fresh, compelling and persuasive content
  • Branded events that change minds
  • Effective message and media strategy
  • Public health and safety campaigns

Why Talk to Us

  • You’re impatient with the status quo and need breakthroughs
  • You want to attract target audiences and change minds with Progress PanelsSM
  • You need Progress RetreatsSM that move your strategies forward
  • You want to accelerate progress by creating disruptive collaborations

How Vigorous Preparation Is Your Advantage

  • Identifies the right partners
  • Motivates everyone to gather in the same room ready to work
  • Reveals how facilitation can clarify conflicts and identity consensus potential. We’ll facilitate when you agree that makes sense or we’ll find those facilitators with the right command of audience and material, and the commitment to prepare well.
  • Enables teams and organizations dissatisfied with the status quo but struggling with “we’ve always done it this way,” to see clearly toward a breakthrough.

Here’s what Compelling Meetings means by preparation.

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