Risky Meetings

Is this event worth my time?

If people who are important to us are going to risk their time to come to our meeting, shouldn’t we risk creating a retreat, annual conference, branded meeting or customer event that genuinely rewards their investment?

Safe meetings are the boring meetings we say we despise. For the 21st century, we need collaboration, disruption and innovation. To achieve that kind of change, we need to take risks creating challenging meetings that move needles. We must bring to the same table, to the same conference centers people who don’t normally meet together, but are essential to accelerating progress.  From our panels, meetings, conferences and retreats, we need the bold, original and actionable insight and content that results from well-planned, well-facilitated, but spontaneous face-to-face interaction.

How many risky, surprising retreats, panels, customer events or even branded meetings have you attended? Let’s throw out “sizzle and celebrity” and “serial talking head” models of meetings.

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