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Advance with Progress RetreatsSM

You need retreats to help you see beyond  silos and boundaries, separate urgent and important; and anticipate the future.  Retreats are for questioning success; while success is great, it tempts us to do what we’ve always done because it always worked before. Until it doesn’t.

Talk To Us When You Need To Break The Mold

  • We wish we could tell you that there are “secret” facilitation techniques. It’s comprehensive preparation before your retreat that makes the difference.
  • "Make the most of precious retreat time"

    We’re really good at working with you and your participants with that intense level of preparation. Precious time at Retreat should be devoted to working through conflicting perspectives, seeking consensus and making decisions. To use retreat time productively, facilitators need to understand ahead of time your objectives, your obstacles and enablers, and the diverse points of view among the participants.

Ask About Custom-Designed CrystallinePanelsSM

  • Sometimes, the obstacle to progress is what others know but you don’t. Or maybe you’re dealing with unknowables or emerging trends, and need fresh insight from “outsiders,” to provoke fresh thinking.
  • We help infuse strategic planning with new insight and agility to adapt to new and emerging trends, and build campaigns that help shape your preferred future. We design, recruit and manage CrystallinePanelsSM to add a dramatic experiential element to your planning process or retreat to catalyze your consensus-building and decision-making.

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