Rationale for Live, Face-to-Face Meetings

Can’t Tweet Our Way to Change

We can’t tweet our way to substantial change. Social media can identify us, alert us and bring us together.  Yet, when people  need to slog through mud, manage muddle and agree that they must do something differently, they get face-to-face. They need to inquire, test, dispute, discuss, consult, try it out, see what you think, look in each other’s eyes.

Most arguments worth having can’t be won. History and science provide enough fodder to justify diverse points of view. We make progress not by facts or provable hypotheses alone. Instead, progress is animated by decisions made despite differences in perception, worldview and character. Most complex, contentious decisions involve unknowns and unknowables.

“Pursue what must change to achieve the intended results”

What Happens When We’re Face-to-Face
Face-to-face we have a chance to work all this out, make decisions, act and, hopefully, achieve the intended results.

Change occurs naturally when people interact. They explore together, learn about new ideas and techniques, and try things out. When we purposefully determine to pursue change, we need to encourage and enable that same interaction.

When opportunity is valuable, situations are complex, concepts are complicated, and there’s risk of conflict and controversy, meetings and collaborations are essential to that growth and change process. With meticulous preparation and active facilitation, when people are live and face-to-face they can navigate through mud and past muddle to ignite enough collaboration to pursue what must change to achieve the intended results.

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