Why go through the trouble?

Rationale for Branded Conferences and Meetings

Instead of arranging for speaking engagements at other organizations’ meetings, create your own meetings. Build those meetings around your own brand, or in collaboration with others who share your urgency about [__________________fill in what’s crucial to you].

rationale-arrow-graphicYou want your own meetings to shape your own future, and be recognized and supported for getting out ahead of the curve.

You want your own meetings so you can change the conditions on the ground, not just say something.

You Want Your Own Meetings So That

  • Your target audience is in the room
  • The topics are exactly right
  • You can engage your audiences
  • You control post-meeting messaging

The Obvious Questions

  • If I build it, will they come (audience)?
  • Can I afford to stage my own meeting?

The toughest task of any bold, original meeting (or boring, nothing-new meeting) is earning the attendance of your target audiences.  Primarily, the people you really want to reach don’t go to many conferences, workshops and roundtables. Why? Because they have better things to do with their time.

“Toughest task of any bold, original meeting is earning the attendance of target audiences”

The only way around that: take risks to create bold, original content and interaction that promise these audiences real value that they can’t get otherwise. That’s a strategy and design challenge; addressing that challenge precedes marketing and promotion. If you demonstrate value to key individuals within your target audience, early commitments will cascade: others will come based on the implied endorsement of attendance by those thought leaders whose opinions they value and trust.

Finding the Resources
What if you’re not large enough or flush enough to host your own conference, workshop or roundtable? Actually, the answer flows from audience-building.  You have potential sponsors and partners among those interested in your purpose and objectives, those who believe you want to create something bold, with original content and robust interaction, that will attract audiences they also value, make a good case, and collaborate well, and you will attract sponsors and partners.

And you may not need more than seed money!  If an original, branded meeting offers the opportunity to shape, or at least better anticipate the future, any audience willing to come also is likely to be willing to invest in attending through registration fees.  Sponsors who share your objectives, and want to reach the same audiences, if asked, may step up with funding.  Those target audiences without the resources to attend might be enabled by scholarship fund contributions from those that have resources and share your commitment to broad participation.

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