Planned Spontaneity

plannedMeetings, retreats and collaborations that are important to you and your audiences have something specific and valuable to discuss (and perhaps achieve a consensus).  That requires what we call “planned spontaneity.”   Strong preparation tells you where you are, where you’re trying to go, and what the obstacles are.  That helps us design panels and prepare the facilitators.  But its the participants who must figure out together how to get from Point A to Point B.

Planning gives participants a workable objective and framework, and the confidence that they can come to a conclusion. Spontaneity is unavoidable if you gather all the different perspectives at the same table or venue, and assure that all those points of view will be part of the discussion. Planned Spontaneity is exciting for the participants. They have an opportunity to explore different perspectives or try to resolve conflicts, and they, too, don’t know what will be said and what will happen.

Risky? Yes. With strong preparation, and the right participants, design and facilitation, however, that risk is manageable and desirable.

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