Our Insights

The Difference Maker
Preparation. More. Better.

Preparation creates the opportunity for “planned spontaneity” and progress.

Our Primal Question
How important is it to you to ask more and better questions just a little longer to get closer to right?

Why go through the trouble?
Rationale for Branded Conferences and Meetings

You need your you meetings: shape your future and get a reputation for getting out and ahead of the curve.

Diversity: Key to Success
Panels, Meetings, Teams and Collaborations

Disrupting comfort with “but we’ve always done it that was,” and conspiracies of like mindedness.

About Progress PanelsSM
Timing, Format, and Media Options

Plan to make sure you get as much value as possible from meeting investments.

Rationale for Live, Face-to-Face Meetings

Change is accelerated when people meet live, and face-to-face.

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