Examples of Custom Meetings

  • For a global healthcare consulting client, helped design/organize/execute national collaborative summits on healthcare transformation with senior executives from all healthcare sectors
  • With major academic institutions, helped design and execute national forums on Medicare, Medicaid, and pharmaceutical industry intellectual property and economics
  • Designed/managed a first-ever two-day meeting featuring managed care CEOs and medical directors with major physician practice heads and their trade associations on technology issues
  • Designed, organized and helped facilitate a first-ever forum on epidemic preparedness featuring managed care medical directors with state and local emergency management executives
  • "How can custom meetings help achieve your objectives?"

    Collaborated with an interdisciplinary team helping design several National Hurricane Conferences, bringing together governments, corporations, non-profits and thought leaders

  • For a global law firm, helped design standout annual partner meetings that reinforced strategy and culture
  • Designed/facilitated an unusual national advisory meeting of health-care access experts for a global pharmaceutical company
  • For a national managed care client, designed/recruited/facilitated an interdisciplinary panel on childhood obesity coordinated with significant television and print media coverage
  • Designed/executed national symposia with interdisciplinary, all points-of-view Socratic panels on lightning-rod issues: drunk driving, civil litigation and auto insurance, with help from prestigious advisory groups
  • For a prominent national financial services non-profit, conducted staff and member in depth interviews to develop a menu of recommendations for the 50th anniversary of its major annual membership event.

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