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Progress PanelsSM Enable Change at Meetings/Conferences

We help you research and create original and compelling content for annual meetings, town halls, public affairs forums and community gatherings. Use Progress PanelsSM to form alliances, pursue change, build commitment to change, educate, reach new audiences, and, entertain. Progress PanelsSM expose the full range of points of view, and plumb new ways to respond to challenges others may overlook or avoid.

About Our Progress PanelsSM

  • They relentlessly explore diverse points of view that help you identify, clarify or resolve trends, issues, conflicts, problems and opportunities.
  • "Relentlessly explore diverse points of view"

    They may comprise existing groups, like a Board of Directors, or selected employees, or experts, or representatives of organizations and interests that are important to you, or clients, or some combination of any or all of these and others.

  • If not existing groups, we recruit adept panelists who not only represent a range of perspectives, but speak for important constituencies, but nevertheless are willing to explore consensus with others
  • We prepare meticulously. The success of panels, meetings, retreats and collaborations depend on comprehensive, open-minded preparation well before the first word is spoken.
  • Talented facilitators who prepare thoroughly enable spontaneous but focused and committed panels.
  • They produce a level and quality of interaction among panelists representing different perspectives and interests is not at all typical of most if not all of the meetings and conferences you normally attend.

What You Can Accomplish With Custom-Designed Progress PanelsSM 

  • Define and solve problems and manage opportunity
  • Build stronger collaborations and alliances
  • Clarify issues
  • Seek consensus on new initiatives
  • Create original and compelling content

Progress PanelsSM Help Achieve Consensus for Action

  • Design magnet events that attract target draw audiences
  • Select panelists and manage facilitations to deliver fresh, unexpected and relevant new content
  • Catalyze progress by identifying and responding to opportunities and challenges
  • Work across traditional boundaries
  • Enable breakthrough, thorough and honest deliberations

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