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Build Your Brand through Meetings

Why spend time speaking at others’ meetings and conferences when all you can hope for is that only a handful of the people whom you really need to reach might be in the audience? Perhaps the general topic of a plenary or workshop will be about what’s most important to achieving your objectives, but how often does it happen that the actual presentations and discussions get to the heart of your issues?

If you’ve got something important to accomplish, something critical that needs discussion, and a diverse audience that may not ever assemble in one place at the same time, then think about a branded meetings. You create it. You build the agenda. You recruit the right speakers and organize the program to give them the opportunity to have the discussions that have been lacking. You make sure there’s time for more than perfunctory comments.

While there’s more risk, how do you calculate the opportunity costs of not having those discussions with the right audiences? And you can reduce the risks and the costs by collaborating with others, through sponsorships and in-kind donations, and, if appropriate, through a variety of fees.

Make Your Own Statement
Branded meetings define your issues and your audience your way.  They also say strong, positive things about your brand — your candor, your willingness to take risks to make the right things happen, and how you think and work.

Brand is as important to non-profits, professions, schools and communities as it is to businesses or specific products.  Every organization competes for something: members or customers, or funding, or donors, or public support or confidence.  Branding is not just about people recognizing your name and logo. It’s about taking charge of your reputation, building trust, letting people know what they can expect of you and from you.

"Everyone is competing for something..."

Ask Us How to Brand Your Meetings and Initiatives When you create or sponsor meetings – for education, public dialogue, supporting a cause, responding to a crisis, promoting health and safety, exploring what makes a community or a school great – you are strengthening (or weakening) your brand.

Talk to us about using meetings to get important things done while increasing your brand’s visibility and reputation among target audiences.

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