About Warren

The Resume

Specifically, I design and sometimes facilitate original and innovative meetings. What makes my approach distinctive is that I’m also a versatile, hands-on communications practitioner and strategist with nearly 40 years of non-profit, corporate and consulting experience in designing and managing marketing, issues, thought leadership, crisis, strategy development, and change management campaigns.

Starting in college, I developed a passionate commitment to effective dialogue and bringing face-to-face people who ordinarily might not meet in the same room. Strong skills in research, interviewing and analysis enable me to add unique value to the preparation phases of any custom meeting.  I’ve twice been awarded the prestigious Silver Anvil of the Public Relations Society of America for conferences, meetings and special events.

My work includes meetings, speeches, coalitions and collaborations, media campaigns and thought leadership including healthcare reform, litigation and liability, insurance pricing, substance abuse, new strategy and technology introductions, corporate reorganizations, crime prevention, product launches, nuclear power, managed care and pharma, and catastrophe preparedness and response.

"Need to surprise an audience? Accelerate progress!"

Non-profit and professional leadership highlights include:

  • PRO-ACT Board Member (Education and Advocacy – Addiction Recovery) – Current
  • Health Promotion Council, Executive Committee and Board Member – 2003-2011
  • Public Relations Society of America – Philadelphia Past President; Accreditation Chair/Educator
  • Florida Public Relations Association – Tallahassee Past President

Progress is a direction — forward.  Even when people agree only on the need for progress, not which direction is forward, or how to move forward, if they share devotion to the pursuit of progress, they can work together.

The Team: How The Work Gets Done

Every project is custom-designed. We start from scratch. So, we don’t have staff with specific skills, and the pressure of keeping everyone busy. However, we do have colleagues with all the specific skills you might need. Just ask.

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