About Progress PanelsSM

Sooner. Stronger. Together.

How Progress PanelsSM Help

Need a breakthrough?  Need to explore, and maybe achieve consensus on disputed policy issues?  Need to resolve conflicts that block progress, to think differently about tough challenges?  Need to bring together people who don’t normally sit at the same table, and with discipline and determination clarify areas of consensus and conflict?

Noble History

Progress PanelsSM have been around for decades. They break down obstacles through clarity:

Compelling Meeting Designs Help You

  • Solve Problems and Manage Opportunities
  • Anticipate Emerging Trends
  • Manage Issues and Debates
  • Invigorate Outreach and Dialogue
  • Build Stronger Collaborations and Alliances
  • Add New Insight and Dimension to Strategic Planning
  • Create Compelling Content for Thought Leadership in All Media

• What really are the underlying questions?
• How do diverse perspectives differ?
• Are there avenues of consensus?

Progress PanelsSM evolved from Socratic teaching methods into what are sometimes called Socratic Panels or Socratic Dialogues. Socrates, the renowned Greek philosopher and educator, used probing questions to sharpen how we think about issues, problems and opportunities. We use the phrase Progress PanelsSM to reflect your objective in using them: accelerate progress toward your objectives.

Why Progress PanelsSM?

Compelling Meetings Are Flexible,
Adaptable, Practical and Designed for Your Needs

  • Special Board Meetings
  • Thought Leadership and Public Affairs Events
  • Association and Society Members Gatherings
  • National, State and Local Business Organizations
  • Community, Civic, Education, and Faith-Based Groups

The methodology is easy to understand, but challenging to execute well.

Progress, especially today, often requires us to cross boundaries, and work-around normal time frames, everyday hierarchies, and ordinary decision-making patterns. Cooperation and collaboration are presented as essential tools for success, except we get caught up in different vocabularies, organization agendas, cultures and even worldviews.

It takes gumption to accelerate progress despite these hurdles. If you’re ready, Progress PanelsSM help in two ways:
• Break down the issue, problem or opportunity (or some combination of) into essential questions. Traditional meetings, deliberations and panels generally ask questions that are either too broad or too narrow.
• Explore all perspectives to identify actual conflicts (not differences in vocabulary, agendas, cultural assumptions or world view), and show where consensus is possible.

Just the process of preparing for Progress PanelsSM will help you achieve some clarity, break down some barriers, and begin building new alliances.

Why Compelling Meetings?

• We believe passionately in the value of face-to-face dialogue. In the 21st century, progress requires cooperation and collaboration across personal and organizational boundaries
• We’ve been designing innovative forums successfully in diverse settings for decades
• We’re strategic: we design meetings to help you achieve your objectives
• We understand how to help you attract and engage audiences
• We’re experts at the critical success factors: preparation, the recruitment of panelists, and the briefing of moderators

How Do We Pay for This?

Replace one paid speaker who will give the same speech given dozens of times (you can read the book) with a compelling Progress PanelSM.  You get original content, a powerful audience attraction, perhaps new allies, and progress.

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