About Compelling Meetings

Bold, original and actionable insight from panels, branded meetings, conferences, and retreats

If people who are important to us are going to risk their time to come to our meeting, shouldn’t we risk creating a retreat, annual conference, branded meeting or customer event that genuinely rewards their investment? Safe meetings are the boring meetings we say we despise.

You’re managing tough issues, solving complex problems, and responding to emerging opportunities. We custom-design the branded meetings, conference panels, retreats and collaborations you need to engage diverse perspectives and interests to accelerate your progress.

Progress often depends on bringing together people who don’t ordinarily meet face-to-face, but need to think and work together to meet everyone’s objectives. Choose to disrupt the status quo. Choose to avoid clichéd, sclerotic, predictable debates and discussions. Choose originality and passion to move your agendas forward.

Three Why’s

Why Work with Warren
From a client’s perspective, three things set me apart:

  • Willingness to Design and Manage Risky Meetings — When you need to surprise, accelerate progress, and achieve breakthroughs – build commitment, create new initiatives, form collaborations and alliances, clarify controversies, resolve conflicts, enable more rapid adoption of best practices, and encourage innovation.
  • Extent and Quality of Preparation — No matter how good your intentions, without extensive pre-meeting preparation, you waste time and resources, disappoint participants, and fail to accelerate progress nearly as much as you could.
  • My Reputation for Strategic Thinking —  My focus isn’t on the meeting or facilitation; it’s on achieving your objectives. That’s why everything has to be custom designed starting from scratch.
"Need to surprise an audience? Accelerate progress!"

Why We Do What We Do
We shouldn’t accept “no” from our meetings. Our 21st century board and staff retreats, branded meetings and annual conferences should accelerate organizational progress.

Progress is a mindset and point of view, as well as an outcome. When I was young, Norman Cousins was editor of a magazine called Saturday Review of Literature. In a personal essay, he wrote words that have guided since I first read them: “Pessimism is a waste of time.”

I liked the words’ edge. Things might be going to hell in a hand basket, but, “Pessimism is a waste of time…” There might be plenty of reason for it, but… You might feel like success is unlikely, but…

Pursuing progress, making progress is the best alternative. We may not agree about how to pursue progress, but if we share that objective, we can and should work together.

Why Compelling Meetings?
Here are five reasons to call us to explore how we can help you.

  • We believe passionately in the value of face-to-face dialogue, and that in the 21st century we need cooperation and collaboration across personal and organizational boundaries to achieve progress.
  • We’ve been designing innovative forums successfully in diverse settings for decades
  • Our background and approach is strategic: we design meetings to help you achieve your objectives
  • We understand how to help you attract and engage audiences
  • We’re experts at the critical success factors, especially preparation and design, the foundations of success.

Want to think through how this might help you? Call us for a free telephone consultation 215-348-5277