Kind Words, Few Hugs

For decades, collaboration has received kind words, but few sustained hugs.

and leaders
must adapt”

If you’re reading this blog, you have a sense that achieving your toughest objectives requires more than you and your team. In our dense, interdependent world with messages, data and people moving at unprecedented speeds, our most ambitious and salutary objectives require collaboration. That’s as true for non-profits as it is for businesses, schools and universities, communities and governments.

Here’s the thing. We know how difficult it can be to cross silos and boundaries. To do that, we need to work closely with people we might not easily relate to. They will have different agendas, even different cultures, values, and ways of thinking and working. That can be true even within organizations.

All that reaching-across doesn’t come easily. Just the same, to succeed at collaboration as we move through the 21st century, organizations and leaders must adapt attitude and aptitude to work across silos and boundaries. That may mean that organizations restructure and that the styles of leaders, even who leads, will change.

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