Silhouette Urban Scene Teamwork Concepts Strategy PlanningI can’t help but think about James Madison, when I hear complaints about meetings. If, miraculously, he came back to life, wouldn’t he find leadership, governance and meetings disappointingly familiar?


In the 20th century, we imagined we’d surge beyond our historical limitations. We fancied we could re-engineer everything, including ourselves. Even before graduating college, I began designing meetings to improve leadership skills, and our ability to work collaboratively.  But, as each 20th century management fad flew by, we all fell way short of our big expectations.

Fast Interdependent Everything
In the 21st century of fast and interdependent everything, to get important things done, we need disruptive collaboration, which doesn’t come easily. We humans prefer working with others who share our agendas and backgrounds. But, pursuit of new opportunities, allies, fresh thinking, and less friction increasingly requires cooperation among people in non-profits, businesses, associations and societies, and governments who think and work differently, and pursue diverse agendas.  21st century solutions need boundaries crossed and the kinds of innovation stimulated by different even conflicting perspectives.


Accelerates Progress
“Disruptive collaboration” accelerates progress. It sorts through everyday cacophony to find consensus and cooperation. Compelling Meetings can help you attract your diverse audiences to gather in one room. There’s an intense process of beforehand research and participant interviews. We learn about diverse agendas, simmering conflicts, and hoped-for outcomes. That preparation enables active facilitation to confront barriers and boundaries, but also embrace shared objectives.

Unfortunately, that’s often the easy part. Collaborations often fail when participants go back to their own constituencies who weren’t around the table. That means you also need compelling meetings to disrupt traditional thinking among your own constituencies.

That’s how we prepare to amaze James Madison.

Let’s talk about how Compelling Meetings can help you achieve your objectives.

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