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Meetings Have Strategies, Too

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Smoosh results when we take only what’s top-of-our-minds and smoosh it all into a mix and match agenda. Proper preparation digs under the tops of our diverse minds to ask: what do we really want to accomplish by getting together?

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Whom You Ask and How You Ask


We do a lot of homework before asking questions. Experts prefer interesting and challenging interviews. That’s one key to moving from what’s expected to what’s compelling.

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Resilience and Collaboration


When we watch apocalypse films — zombies, aliens, global natural catastrophes, for instance — part of the genre is panic and disorganization. Apart from the entertainment, one value of the apocalypse genre is the question: why are we so unprepared?

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Fantasy. Fulfilled.

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You get everyone who’s been saying this and that about something really important to your organization’s objectives into the same room at the same time. You lock the door…

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