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Getting Complicated Things Done

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In our dense, interdependent, global and highly-connected world, getting things done is more complicated. For more success, here’s my list of the seven collaboration skills and mindsets we need to develop.

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Collaboration: Key to 21st Century

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Collaboration receives many more kind words than sustained hugs. We know how difficult it can be: crossing silos and boundaries mean we need to work closely with people we might not easily relate to.

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The I/We Confusion

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Stories of heroes and heroics are easier to tell than those of teamwork and collaboration . It’s much easier to say, “Micky did it,” than to explain why and how Micky did it, and with whose absolutely essential help.

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All Change is Local

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From a change perspective, the only result that counts is what we do or don’t do. The seeds of change are interpersonal: what others who are important to us say or do, or how they react to what we say or do.

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Accelerate Adoption


More rapid progress is at our fingertips. All we need is a keyboard to learn about what already has been shown to work. Collaborations will help accelerate our adoption of already-proven innovations and best practices.

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The Dysfunction of Crossfire

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Contemporary issues defy political left vs. right binaries. Today’s most powerful challenges require us to tightrope through competing interests and perspectives with equivalent, but different merits.

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Disruptive Collaboration


Opportunities worth pursuing and problems worth solving often require collaborations of participants who don’t usually assemble around the same tables. 21st century solutions need boundaries crossed and fresh thinking stimulated by different, even conflicting perspectives.

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Resilience and Collaboration


When we watch apocalypse films — zombies, aliens, global natural catastrophes, for instance — part of the genre is panic and disorganization. Apart from the entertainment, one value of the apocalypse genre is the question: why are we so unprepared?

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Wisdom of Cave Dwellers


For brainstorming, collaborations and teams, it really matters who’s in the room. Demographics is just the surface of diversity when we need different approaches and perspectives.

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