Whom You Ask and How You Ask


We do a lot of homework before asking questions. Experts prefer interesting and challenging interviews. That’s one key to moving from what’s expected to what’s compelling.

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The Dysfunction of Crossfire

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Contemporary issues defy political left vs. right binaries. Today’s most powerful challenges require us to tightrope through competing interests and perspectives with equivalent, but different merits.

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Disruptive Collaboration


Opportunities worth pursuing and problems worth solving often require collaborations of participants who don’t usually assemble around the same tables. 21st century solutions need boundaries crossed and fresh thinking stimulated by different, even conflicting perspectives.

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Resilience and Collaboration


When we watch apocalypse films — zombies, aliens, global natural catastrophes, for instance — part of the genre is panic and disorganization. Apart from the entertainment, one value of the apocalypse genre is the question: why are we so unprepared?

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Fantasy. Fulfilled.

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You get everyone who’s been saying this and that about something really important to your organization’s objectives into the same room at the same time. You lock the door…

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Wisdom of Cave Dwellers


For brainstorming, collaborations and teams, it really matters who’s in the room. Demographics is just the surface of diversity when we need different approaches and perspectives.

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Risky Business


If people risk their time with us, shouldn’t we risk creating retreats, conferences, meetings and events that reward their investment?

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Watch This Space

Watch this space for the September 9 launch of The Progress Blog which will focus on the importance of taking more risks so that our panels, branded meetings, retreats and collaborations do even more to help achieve our objectives.

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