Getting Complicated Things Done

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In our dense, interdependent, global and highly-connected world, getting things done is more complicated. For more success, here’s my list of the seven collaboration skills and mindsets we need to develop.

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Collaboration: Key to 21st Century

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Collaboration receives many more kind words than sustained hugs. We know how difficult it can be: crossing silos and boundaries mean we need to work closely with people we might not easily relate to.

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Meetings Have Strategies, Too

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Smoosh results when we take only what’s top-of-our-minds and smoosh it all into a mix and match agenda. Proper preparation digs under the tops of our diverse minds to ask: what do we really want to accomplish by getting together?

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The I/We Confusion

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Stories of heroes and heroics are easier to tell than those of teamwork and collaboration . It’s much easier to say, “Micky did it,” than to explain why and how Micky did it, and with whose absolutely essential help.

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All Change is Local

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From a change perspective, the only result that counts is what we do or don’t do. The seeds of change are interpersonal: what others who are important to us say or do, or how they react to what we say or do.

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Accelerate Adoption


More rapid progress is at our fingertips. All we need is a keyboard to learn about what already has been shown to work. Collaborations will help accelerate our adoption of already-proven innovations and best practices.

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