You’re managing tough issues, solving complex problems, and responding to emerging opportunities. We custom-design the meetings, retreats and collaborations you need to engage diverse perspectives and interests to accelerate your progress. Progress often depends on bringing together people who don’t
ordinarily meet face-to-face, but need to think and work together to meet everyone’s objectives. Choose to disrupt the status quo. Choose to avoid clichéd, sclerotic, predictable debates and discussions. Choose originality and passion to move your agendas forward.

  • Risky Meetings
    If people who are important to us are going to risk their time to come to our meeting, shouldn’t we risk creating a retreat, annual conference, branded meeting or customer event that genuinely rewards their investment?
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  • Magic Starts With This
    Smoosh is what results when we take everything that’s top-of-our-minds and smoosh it all into an agenda. Without comprehensive, thoughtful preparation, meeting topics, speakers and techniques often are smooshed together
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  • planned
    Planned Spontaneity
    Meetings, retreats and collaborations that are important to you and your audiences have something specific and valuable to accomplish. Planned Spontaneity summarizes the task for design and facilitation
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  • Breakthrough Results
    Demand 21st century board and staff retreats, branded meetings, annual conferences and collaborations that accelerate progress. Why accept meetings that say, “No, you can’t make progress?”
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progressblogimg How Long Should We Schedule for this
Meeting, Panel, Retreat?

However much time it necessarily should take to accomplish a well-thought-out objective.
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